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Photo courtesy of NAILARTLOVERichard Zinner, manicurist and owner of STRZ Salon in South Authentic Jimmy Garoppolo Jersey Charleston, Authentic Dominique Easley Jersey recommends pushing cuticles back at home on a regular basis, but leaving any cutting to a professional.">

Photo courtesy of NAILARTLOVE

Richard Zinner, manicurist and owner of STRZ Salon in South Charleston, recommends pushing cuticles back at home on a regular basis, but leaving any cutting to a professional. Style can be limited to clothing and shoes; it stretches all the way to the tips of your fingers.

Trends in manicuring have become as popular as trends in hair, makeup and clothing and create limitless possibilities for expressing yourself from head to the tip of your toes (or fingers).

Richard Zinner, manicurist and owner of STRZ Salon in South Charleston, lends a hand to the WV Style Team and gives advice on finding and maintaining the perfect manicure for your style.

season has its own flavor of the month, Zinner says. usually brings out the corals and brighter colors. Fall and winter the darker, earthier tones.

often asked to make a choice for my clients, because after years of working with them, I come to know what works with their skin tones, as well as their clothes, and what is most appropriate for their particular work environment. you admire only a swipe of a single color on your digits, or if you think your life won be complete without a little sparkle, there something for every taste.

Here are playfully perfect mani/pedi trends to put your best foot, or finger, forward.

All white nails are a thing of the past, but embellished white nails have rocked their way into 2014.

Start with a healthy, all white nail and add decorative details to get the most of your mani. Create a thin vertical or horizontal line across Scott Chandler Patriots Jersey your nail with nail pens in neon, metallic or a simple jet black for a simple and streamlined Authentic Scott Chandler Jersey accent.

Add a coat of glitter to the base or tip to produce an ombr effect or simply highlight your ring finger in another shade to make a statement.

Ombr %Body$x(">n ", "> ")% >

Ombr may not be as new and exciting as Dominique Easley Jersey it was a couple of seasons ago, but it still lingers on the runways of New York, Paris and Miami fashion weeks. The versatile hue transitions are simple, subtle and allow a variety of hues to be showcased to work with every skin tone.

There are two easy ways to rock the ombr look: Work in the same color family to paint each nail a different tone of the same shade, working from dark to light; or utilize two to three shades to create an ombr effect on each single nail. These techniques create a subtle form of nail art that can be easily replicated by anyone interested.

When it comes to sculpting the perfect nail shape for your manicure, natural is the way to go.

shapes in my salon are based on each person individually, Zinner says.

do not think square nails look natural or pretty, so I try to persuade clients to avoid that shape and direct Jimmy Garoppolo Patriots Jersey them toward the natural shape that their hands and feet dictate. recent trend of almond nails Dominique Easley Patriots Jersey works well for every shape and is probably the hottest trend of 2014. The elongated nail lengthens the hand Jimmy Garoppolo Jersey and results in a delicate, hyperfeminine look that walks the line between fashionable and natural.

Every manicure works best when beginning with regularly cared for and healthy set of nails. When it comes to home manicures, file the nails corner to center from both sides, but do not the file across the nails; it shreds them, Zinner says.

a hand lotion with AHA [alpha hydroxy acid] in it to the hands twice per day, paying close attention to the cuticle areas. Keep the cuticles gently pushed back Scott Chandler Jersey daily. Do not try cutting them at home leave that to a professional! And, finally, applying a nail protein polish, such as OPI Nail Envy two coats first day, one more over the top every other day for two weeks; remove and start over is a must. totalcount = 5;

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