Facial Expression

I think the most appropriate expressions to use for the Chernoff faces would be happiness, sadness, surprise and fear. Anger and disgust are, I am sure, frequently experienced by stock market players but it would be reading too much into the data to use them. I intend to use happiness and sadness for representing rises and falls, with surprise or fear added in if the market is volatile. The next task is to investigate the physiology of these expressions and map this onto the cheap wholesale ray bans facial glyphs.

"Warping photos could help text based communications become more expressive Computer scientists at the University of Pittsburgh have developed a way to make e mails, instant messaging, and texts just a bit more personalized. Their software will allow people to use images of their own faces instead of the more traditional emoticons to communicate their mood. By automatically warping their facial features, people can use a photo to depict any one of a range of different animated emotional cheap replica ray bans expressions, such as happy, sad, angry, or surprised."

Paul Ekman started with the musculature of the human face and painstakingly documented the expressive results of each muscle contraction. He then went through the 10,000+ possible combinations of muscle actions and documented the 3000 or so which had meaning. The result is a huge, detailed manual which wholesale cheap ray ban sunglasses is widely used in research for classifying human expressions.

in the guide, Ekman outlines some of the questions he is addressing:

which movements signal emotion?

Do the same facial movements occur in the same social contexts in different cultures?

Are certain facial actions inhibited in certain social settings?The facial action coding system (FACS) was used to examine recognition rates in 105 healthy young men and women who viewed 128 facial expressions of posed and evoked happy, sad, angry and fearful emotions in color photographs balanced for gender and ethnicity of poser. Categorical analyses determined the specificity of individual action units for each emotion. Relationships between recognition rates for different emotions and action units were evaluated using a logistic regression model. Each emotion could be identified by a group of action units, characteristic to the emotion and distinct from other emotions. Characteristic happy expressions comprised raised inner eyebrows, tightened lower eyelid, raised cheeks, upper wholesale ray ban sunglasses lip raised replica ray bans and lip corners turned upward. Recognition of happy faces was associated with cheek raise, lid tightening and outer brow raise. Characteristic sad expressions comprised furrowed eyebrow, opened mouth with upper lip being raised, lip corners stretched and turned down, and chin pulled up. Only brow lower and chin raise were associated with sad recognition. Characteristic anger expressions comprised lowered eyebrows, eyes wide open with tightened lower lid, lips exposing teeth and stretched lip corners. Recognition wholesale ray bans of angry faces was associated with lowered eyebrows, upper lid raise and lower lip depression. Characteristic fear expressions comprised eyes wide open, furrowed and raised eyebrows and stretched mouth. Recognition of fearful faces was most highly associated with upper lip raise and nostril dilation, although both occurred infrequently, and with inner brow raise and widened eyes. Comparisons are made with previous studies that used different facial stimuli.

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Elton John The Union Album Review

The Union is a rare gesture in a dying business: an act of gratitude. "Your songs have all the hooks/You're seven wonders rolled into one," John sings, ever the fan, in "Eight Hundred Dollar Shoes."

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The song, actually about grand entrances and past glories, is almost Russell's story in miniature. It could be about John too. Both men are a long way from their early flamboyance, when Russell ran the R big band on Cocker's Mad Dogs and Englishmen tour and John was leaping from clubs to arenas in oversize glasses. The Union often feels like a conversation: the two trading sober and grateful reflections, wholesale nfl jerseys china in songs like "The Best Part of the Day" and "A Dream Come True," on the costs and prizes of a life at the top.

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That exchange runs through the music. Singing in a strong, elastic growl and matching John's piano work with low end rolls and top note sparkle, Russell jars the younger man from his routine sheen, back to the natural fiber and grandeur of 1970's Elton John and Tumbleweed Connection. On The Union, produced by T Bone Burnett, John and Russell share the resurrection. Each goes back to what he first did best. Then they do it together.

Related Keep up with rock's hottest photos in Random Notes. His love songs hurt far more than they show cheap jerseys china at first. "If It Wasn't cheap nfl jerseys china for Bad" is finely tuned deception: pop strut, Sunday service glow and mounting bitterness in that gnarled drawl. Bernie Taupin wrote the words to Wholesale NFL Jerseys the Stax heartbreak shuffle "I Should Have Sent Roses," but the chewy vocal agony is Russell's. When he and John trade lines in "When Love Is Dying," against a choral arrangement by Brian Wilson, John goes for the wrenching high notes. Russell sticks to his odd gritty register, heavy with turmoil.

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Russell first became famous for his sharp mischief inside the churn on those Cocker and Delaney and Bonnie LPs, and he works for John the same way: salting the vocal choruses cheap jerseys china and piano funk exchanges in "Hey Ahab"; ringing John's earnest rounded tenor with gravelly warmth in the dusky country song "Jimmie Rodgers' Dream." John, in turn, drives this alliance like the eager version of himself that first played with Russell on a 1970 tour. The Civil War tale and Band hommage "Gone to Shiloh" could have come from Tumbleweed Connection; the brassy romp "Monkey Suit" would have fit on 1972's Honky Ch is an urgency here too, as if John and Russell know they almost waited too long to bond. "There's No Tomorrow" is built, with new words, on a 1966 grim blues march, "Hymn No. 5" by the Cheap Jerseys Mighty Hannibal. John takes the sober verses; a pedal steel guitar lines wholesale jerseys the track like gilt on a coffin. But Russell brings the light and common sense. "There's no tomorrow/There's only today," he sings in that rough, eerie voice, just in front of the choir, like a man back from the brink and glad to be at work.

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